Comedy/Improv Class

Learn not only about improvisation and comedy, but how to apply those skills to life.


discover new heroes

Learn about the legends of comedy from the silent film era to the present day. Whether debating the merits of Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton, exploring classic family sitcoms like I Love Lucy vs. modern ones like Seinfeld, discovering standup comedians like Andy Kaufman and Phyllis Diller, or comparing classic satire from Laugh In to current sketch shows — this class will introduce you to those who paved the way for today’s comedians.


learn the art of improv

Expand your improvisational skill set with hundreds of short form games designed to improve your listening skills, your ability to work with others, to make effective character choices, and to improve your storytelling skills.

By embracing the improv philosophy of “Yes, And…” improv teaches students not only how to roll with the punches, but that there are no mistakes — only opportunities.

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create original content

Comedy/Improv students can expect to develop a lot of original content, including:

  • sketches

  • stand-up routine

  • parody songs

  • short films

It all culminates in the creation of an original, themed comedy show that incorporates all the skills learned throughout the year.